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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Khmer Life -Cambodia

About Khmer Life
We have four years of experience in producing all kinds of handcrafted handbags including shoulder bags, evening bags, purses, wallets and other accessories and we also offer wall-hanging made of wood and cotton. We specialize in making key chains made of coconut shell.

Khmer Life's vision for those it works with is abundent Life, where their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs are being met.

Khmer Life wants them to discover their true abilities, full potential and real self-worth.

Goal and Activities

  • To produce high quality products which reflect the culture of Cambodia.
  • To provide an opportunity for the less privileged to be creative and become entrepreneurs.
  • To create a sustainable brand that reflects the personality and character of the people we work with.
  • Khmer Life provides many handicrafts, coconut craft, embroidery, Silk and other products.
  • Self-worth-Khmer Life wants to foser sense of dignity and self-worth amongst out staff, boosting their morale and helping them to developing a vision for the future.
  • Reinvestment- All our profites are ploughed back into Khmer Life and used to acquire equipment and provide further employment opportunities for disadvantaged Cambodians.
  • Partnership-whether its Government, NGOs, Churches, individual supporters or local people, we belive in partnering with others to give the poor of Cambodia the Chance of an abundant life.

Eco-friendly Products
We try to use as much dumped materials as possible such as recycled plastic and coconut shells. We innovate these materials into contemporary designs mixed with Cambodian motifs.

In-house ​printing
Printing is done by our 10 employees with 6 years of experience in using all kinds of leaves, the contour of animals or the branch of a banana tree to stamp on fabric. We can print your customized orders.

Leave printing


Our hand-woven cotton and polyester fabric make production cost cheaper than the other suppliers.

Nature inspired

We use natural resources such as wood, leaves and coconut shells to make handicrafts that reflect the beauty of the created world.

Coconut shell carving

For more information Please contact:khmerlife_organization@yahoo.com

Tel:(+855) 12 59 20 98. Add: #118A, Street300, Beoung Keng Kong III (Near Toul Sleng Museum) ,Khan Chamkar Morn , Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

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